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We are thrilled to announce the Vitamin Em – Dorothy Day House Project, a partnership that brings our music to an extraordinarily special, volunteer-based homeless shelter in Berkeley. The Dorothy Day House provides a caring presence and a wealth of services to those in need in our community.


About Dorothy House

Vitamin Em has embarked on this project with Berkeley’s Dorothy Day House because we want our music to serve others in need.  We chose the Dorothy Day House (DDH) because of their record of service over 30 years, their quiet dedication and consistency in administering this service and the caring and sensitive approach to their work:


“Dorothy Day House Berkeley is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that for over 30 years has provided meals, shelter, and employment for low income residents and people who experience homelessness in Berkeley, California.  They are our Guests.”  - from the DDH website


DDH is an incredible resource for those in need, and we want everyone to know about it!  Some of the vital services they provide - shelter, food, clothing, bathroom facilities, laundry, mail service, a safe space to rest, access to medical care, covid tests and vaccines, drug rehabilitation services and more. 


Their approach:  “Our goal is to build the foundation for emotional well-being in an environment that promotes positivity.  Happy people tend to be productive people.  Dorothy Day said, “Food for the Body is not enough - there must be Food for the Soul”.

- Roshone Atkins, DDH Director of Programs


This perspective is why we feel so excited and honored to add our own Food for the Soul to Dorothy Day House's invaluable work.

Emily and Joe with Roshone Atkins, DDH Director of Programs


We need help to complete this project and welcome any and all donations!   Find out more by clicking on the button below.  All donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you!!


Vitamin Em wants to bring awareness to the Dorothy Day House (DDH) and the vital services they provide.  In addition, our goal is to create a musical program that will help diverse communities come together to share in the joy of music and the music-making process. To do this, we’re bringing our music to both the DDH shelter and across the street at MLK Civic Center Park in order to make it more accessible to those for whom attending a concert is a challenge or perhaps even an impossibility.  On June 3rd, we're asking the general public to come and join us!

Vitamin Em is presenting new, original music, which celebrates the rich diversity of musical genres and cultures here in the Bay Area. 

We’re holding 2 rehearsals at the DDH in May specially for residents, staff and volunteers.


On June 3, we're presenting a concert event across the street from the DDH, in Martin Luther King Civic Center Park.  For this free event those that use DDH’s services are welcome. The general public is welcome.  The music is for everyone. 

At this event, audience members have the opportunity to learn about and donate to the DDH.


At all 3 events, Vitamin Em musicians will describe how we make our music, answer questions and engage with audience members. 

We’re filming each phase of the project to create a video that documents our journey, highlights the work of the Dorothy Day House and promotes a continued collaboration between the DDH and Vitamin Em. 



Open rehearsals for DDH residents/staff/volunteers, (not open to the public)

May 16,  1 -3 PM

June 1,  11:30 - 1:30 PM

Dorothy Day House  

1931 Center St.

Berkeley, CA. 94704


  • Free Public Performance Event June 3, 2023,  1:30-4 PM  

BBQ lunches starting at 1:30 PM, (suggested donation $10 per lunch to benefit the DDH)

Music begins at 2 PM

MLK Civic Center Park

Center Street (across from the DDH)

Berkeley, CA. 94704



First and foremost, you can help us by spreading the word about this project.  For it to be successful, we need people to come to our events and not only enjoy the music,  but also learn more about DDH and in turn, tell others about it.


Vitamin Em is thrilled to have been awarded a Berkeley Civics Arts Grant toward composing the music for this project.  But there is so much more that goes into a project like this. Any additional funds through our donation page will help us pay for


  • sound equipment and engineer, filming and video production, photographer, tent, table and port-a-potty rentals. 

  • promotional materials and administration to get the word out.  

  • the support of our musicians for their work, which will include several days of rehearsals in addition to the rehearsals and concert at the shelter. 


And, with your help we can lay the groundwork for making this a regular event. 


All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Would you like to volunteer for this project?   We welcome any and all help!  Please send us an email and we’ll get in touch:


Thank you so much from all of us in Vitamin Em.

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